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Sunderland named global climate leader

Sunderland named global climate leader

·       Sunderland is one of only 11 UK cities, and 95 in the world, to receive top score on climate action from environmental impact non-profit, CDP

·       A-List cities build climate momentum, taking twice as many climate mitigation and adaptation measures as non-A Listers 

·       Only 9.8% of cities that were scored in 2021 received an A score.

Sunderland is one of just 11 UK cities, and 95 worldwide, to be named a climate leader for environmental action and a commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2040.

It received the top A score from international environmental impact non-profit, CDP, which designed the "Cities A-List" to encourage and support cities to ramp up climate action and ambition.

In Sunderland's first submission to the Cities A-List, it showcased plans to tackle the climate emergency and highlight action and projects to limit the impact of climate change.

By identifying the challenges of climate change and how its impacts are accelerating, Sunderland is committed to collectively adapting behaviours, policies and procedures to keep global heating below the 1.5 degrees goal of the Paris Agreement.

Sunderland is driving ambitious plans to reduce emissions and become completely carbon neutral by 2040, working with partners that have helped shape its Low Carbon Framework, which sets out ways to reduce the city's carbon footprint.  Plans are now underway to work closely with business and organisations, as well as residents and community groups, that will help to deliver the framework. The council itself has committed to become a carbon neutral local authority by 2030.

Councillor Graeme Miller, leader of Sunderland City Council, said: "We must act like our lives depend on it...because they do. We are seeing increased flooding, extreme weather - from record heatwaves to devastating storms - and yet collectively we do little to address it. But if we are to make a global impact, then we must start in our own communities.

"Tackling the climate crisis is a global challenge and as a city, we want to ensure we're doing everything we can as partners, as well as supporting and encouraging residents and businesses alike to make greener choices that will positively impact on the city's sustainability and environment.

"We're delighted to have been named by CDP on the Cities A-List, and proud that the work we're doing to become a carbon neutral city by 2040 has been internationally recognised.

"There is still much to do, but it is extremely reassuring to know that our city has been highlighted as a climate leader by an organisation the world's economy looks to as the gold standard of environmental reporting. We're clearly on the right track and will continue to drive forward and ramp up the work we do as part of the Low Carbon Framework."

Linked to the city's Low Carbon Framework, Sunderland City Council is delivering ambitious plans with partners to support a greener future. One such project is Nissan EV36Zero, a flagship Electrical Vehicle (EV) Hub that will provide a 360-degree solution for zero-emission motoring. The city council is working alongside Nissan and Envision AESC to create the hub and developing a microgrid to provide sustainable power. 

Sunderland's municipally owned port has also attracted a waste recovery project that will process end-of-life car and truck tyres, and Quantafuel's first UK site, which will transform plastic waste into sustainable products, helping reduce plastic waste.

The city-wide partnership supports the Environmental, Green Sustainable (EGS) Group which welcomes young people across the city to discuss climate action and develop plans to help the city deliver its Low Carbon Framework.

Demonstrating climate leadership through concerted and effective action, just as national governments were asked to do at COP26, Sunderland proactively scaling-up action to help mitigate against and adapt to climate change across the city

The full 2021 A-List of cities can be found here https://www.cdp.net/en/cities/cities-scores

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