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New product proves a breath of fresh air for FEG

June 23, 2021

FEG Global

A NORTH EAST engineering consultancy is looking to cook up a storm with a new, patent-pending odour elimination product that it hopes to export across the globe.

Washington-based FEG Global's Liquid Gas Contact Scrubber (LGC) has been designed to tackle complex odours from high-temperature frying and cooking environments.

Odour and oil mist emissions from applications such as frying, cooking, coating and seasoning within the food industry can cause major problems for both workers and local communities, leading to complaints to Environmental Health.

These processes often produce sticky particulate, fat droplets and oil mist which is hard to filter with traditional methods and coat nearby buildings and roofs. Food manufacturers rely on scrubbers to remove these odours, but the devices are often not efficient enough to remove the intensity of the odours. 

FEG Managing Director Chris Williams said: "We've worked with customers in the food sector for many years and kept seeing our customers in high-temperature frying environments having the same issues with odour removal.

"We believe we've developed a unique solution that solves those problems - all while remaining flexible to ensure we can tailor it to each user's unique requirements."

The LGC is specifically designed to tackle these issues, while also providing an easy-to-use odour removal solution that delivers compliance with the requirements of BAT (Best Available Technique).

Odour problems are often difficult to solve as they involve a mix of issues, but the LGC has been built to work in multiple stages to tackle a variety of odours depending on the root cause of the problem.  

Founded in 2004, FEG delivers its specialist cross-sector engineering consultancy, CAPEX project management and environmental technology services on a global scale.

The company, whose head office is based in Sunderland, recently expanded, opening its first international office in Belgium, with plans to continue growing strategically within Europe to provide solutions for the food and beverage sectors.

It has been supported throughout its business journey by Sunderland City Council and over recent years has also grown to cater for customers in the manufacturing, energy, metallurgical and chemical industries.

Cllr Graeme Miller, leader of Sunderland City Council, said: "With developments such as the International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP) and Hillthorn Park in Washington, the area is fast-establishing itself as a hotbed of innovation within engineering and manufacturing and Chris and the team at FEG Global are a prime example of this.

"Since setting up 17 years ago, the company has developed a stellar reputation for providing CAPEX management services and designing pioneering environmental technologies and we're proud to see them continuing to invest in the city."

For more information on FEG Global, visit: FEG Global


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