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How can I help?

How can I help?

By working with residents, communities and business, Sunderland aims to become a carbon neutral city by 2040. 

So how can you help? 

  • Use Reusable Bags  
  • Print as Little as Necessary  
  • Recycle  
  • Use a Reusable Beverage Containers  
  • Reuse paper  
  • Save Electricity and Water 
  • Avoid travelling by car when possible

Reduce Air Pollution  

Whether you want to learn more about what air pollution is, how it affects your health, what you can do to protect yourself from it and the action you can take to tackle it. You can get everything you need here.  

You can also use this Air Pollution Calculator to work out your individual contribution to air pollution in the UK, and find out what you can do to reduce emissions and protect your health.

Here are quick and easy ways you can both reduce your carbon footprint and help to improve our air today: 

  • Go Local 
  • Walk or cycle to school 
  • Start cycling or walking your commute 
  • Cut down on car journeys 
  • Switch to renewable supplies of energy  
  • Avoid burning at home 
  • Cut down on your meat and dairy intake 
  • Plant more trees and greenery

Reduce Plastic 

Plastic pollution is one of the most important environmental problems that we face today. It impacts the environment and our health and wellbeing. 

Use this calculator to learn about how many plastic items you consume and discard every year.

Plastic is everywhere and is a massive pollution problem, especially in our oceans. We need to solve this problem at the source and produce less plastic. 

Find out more about plastic pollution and get tips on reducing plastic in your own life here

Reduce Waste 

The global fashion industry is generating a lot of greenhouse gases due to the energy used during its production, manufacturing, and transportation of the million garments purchased each year. You can help reduce emissions by buying second hand, buying vintage or spending a little more on quality items which will last much longer than cheap and mass-produced products- re-use, recycle or up-cycle. 

Find out your fashion footprint by using the fashion footprint calculator

More than two million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK every day. All litter is unsightly and makes our local areas look untidy and uncared for. 

Litter is anything from a crisp packet or cigarette butt to a bag of rubbish. All litter is unsightly and makes our local areas look untidy and uncared for. Litter does not clean itself away. It can take years to degrade, causing harm to wildlife and habitats.  

See what you can do to tackle litter and keep Sunderland tidy at: https://www.keepbritaintidy.org/faqs/advice/litter-and-law  

Keep Up to Date 

Follow us on our Sunderland City Council accounts to keep to date with all things Low Carbon and to get top tips on helping the environment and lowering your carbon footprint: 

Twitter - @SunderlandUK

Facebook - @SunderlandUKOfficial  

LinkedIn - Sunderland City Council 



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