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Sunderland 1973 FA Cup winners awarded Freedom of the city

Freedom of the city 1973 fa cup winners

The "heroes" who were members of Sunderland's 1973 FA Cup-winning side have received the freedom of the city.

Freedoms are traditionally given by the City Council to those citizens who make 'significant contributions to the wellbeing and community spirit of Sunderland'

Watching some of those winning team members awarded with the freedom of the city reminds us of just how great of a City we live in and how highly regarded the team are in this football - loving city. 

We took the opportunity to get their take on what it means to receive such an award.....

Bobby Kerr (Robert Kerr) - Sunderland AFC 1966 - 1978

Explains how he arrived to Sunderland as a young 15 year old boy and fondly rememebers the feeling of walking out onto Roker Park surrounded by the passionate fans of Sunderland. Former football midfielder captained Sunderland to victory in the 73 FA Cup Final at Wembley. He describes "receiving such an award means alot", watch on to hear more from Bobby. 

Dennis Tueart - Sunderland AFC 1968 - 1973

Born and bred in Newcastle remarks and looks back fondly on the passion of the Sunderland fans, and why receiving such an award really flies the flag for Sunderland, strongly believing that your football will develop your city! 

Dick Malone - Sunderland AFC 1970 - 1977

A young boy arriving from Scotland to a place he had never even heard of describes how he spent the best 10 years of his life here in Sunderland and believes that Sunderland people are true to themselves.

Jack Ashurst - Sunderland AFC 1972 - 1979

Spent the first seven years of his career with Sunderland and describes the people of Sunderland as warm and friendly and the city as a great place to live, watch on to find out his thoughts on recieving such a prestigious award. 

Jimmy Montgomery - Sunderland AFC - 1960 - 1977

Legendary Sunderland goalkeeper lived his whole life in Sunderland, he describes how some of the players who he played alongside at Sunderland AFC came here and "we coudn't get rid of them due to the fact that they loved the city so much". He loves the fans and describes how the people of Sunderland are with you all the way. 

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