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Expo Sunderland

The Sunderland Future Living Expo will celebrate the new homes developed for 21st Century living in Riverside Sunderland.

Expo Sunderland

The Sunderland Future Living Expo will take place in the Vaux area of Riverside Sunderland, featuring events and experiences to engage visitors in new and sustainable ways of living, set in-and-around new high-quality homes for the city centre.

The Expo pavilion will provide a stand-out destination for visitors to attend exhibitions, performances, talks, screenings and meetings throughout the event.

The specially designed structure will be a flexible space at the centre of the Expo visitor experience. Besides live events, it will feature a rolling programme for local businesses, connected to a series of pop-up spaces across the site.

The Expo pavilion will also feature an accessible platform from which visitors can enjoy views across the site and Riverside Sunderland. Visitors will also be able to enjoy an XR headset-experience bringing the full Riverside Sunderland development to life.

For more information see Expo Sunderland website here

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