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Discover and celebrate our successes by browsing through our videos and case studies which tell the story of the businesses and investments in Sunderland that have shaped our city. 

We are proud of the businesses, entrepreneurs and partners that call Sunderland home, and the interest and talent that our region continues to attract. Explore our success stories, and find out why you should invest in Sunderland today.

13 Sunderland creatives you might not know about

Sunderland's creative scene is flourishing, and the city boasts more artists' studios than ever before, allowing creatives to develop their talents, build careers and inspire communities.

TeenyWeeny VR

The company has developed a fun, VR-based edutainment platform which helps children deal with phobias, anxiety, change and transition episodes with a calming, fully immersive and portable experience. TeenyWeeny VR is the winner of 2021/22 Innovate UK's Women in Innovation Award.


"We looked at around 30 different spaces to find a good fit. It had to be somewhere we could be proud of, and The Beam, when we viewed that, stood out above all else as a building. It was head and shoulders above,"

Ocado Group

There were so many things that attracted us to open a facility in Sunderland, but more than anything, the skilled people we believed we could access greatly appealed.

Liebherr Cranes

Today, the workforce is still one of the big attractions. "The liberal employment market here is more flexible than on mainland Europe. I only have to ask if people will be willing to work Sundays or overtime. In Germany or Austria, you have to go through the authorities."

Fencehouse Timber Engineering

Fencehouse Timber Engineering manufactures sustainable roof trusses, timber frames and floor joists for the construction industry.


The decision to manufacture the Q30 in Sunderland reflects our confidence in UK production quality and efficiency. This model has been developed jointly by our engineers in Japan, our London design centre and our European technical centre at Cranfield, harnessing the world-class automotive talent based in the UK.


The specialist department based at Doxford International Business Park handles calls with Barclays customers worldwide, whose bank accounts or cards have suffered potential fraud. More than 200 new positions from front-line staff to management were created with the move.


Bringing together a talented and passionate team of tech developers, skilled marketeers, customer service advocates and support teams in finance and HR, tombola has held true to the values that first established it in the market - a friendly and fun business, with community at its heart.

Evidence Based Education

Founded in Durham before relocating to Sunderland in 2019, Evidence Based Education (EBE) has developed a pioneering technology platform delivering long-term benefits for both schools and their staff.

Designer Childrenswear

Designer Childrenswear - led by husband and wife duo Brenda and Kevin Coade - has grown rapidly in recent years and is now the UK's third largest independent retailer of name brand children's clothing.

Smart Outdoor

Independent out-of-home (OOH) advertising specialist Smart Outdoor has grown rapidly since moving to Houghton-le-Spring in 2019.

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